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Asset Recovery

Concerned about the Physical Shares to Demat Deadline or the process of converting your physical shares to Demat? Don't worry any longer. Our team of specialists are ready to assist you in reclaiming your funds from assets such as Physical Equity Shares, Old Mutual Fund Schemes, Unclaimed Dividends, Unclaimed Insurance, and more.

Investment Advisory

Explore Genuine Happiness through a Stable Financial Future. Our expertise has assisted individuals worldwide in securely managing their investments and reaping substantial returns.

NR & NRI'S Services

We aim to be your trusted partner in facilitating your investments in India. At IAFC, we are committed to providing guidance on the various investment opportunities available in India and assisting you in generating significant returns on your investments with minimal risk.

Our Customer Care Representatives are there for you at every Step.

Don't Hesitate to Call us.


We Inspire sound financial planning and build secured financial futures for our clients by helping them invest correctly and via recovering their lost assets.

How we operate

The pursuit of perfection drives us – to empower our clients with choice ,sound financial planning and professional management of Assets.

what we believe in

We boldly believe in the power of community and commitment. we are committed towards providing sound financial planning & Expert Asset Recovery Services to our clients, helping them build a secured financial future.

Share Your Query or Upload Your List of Lost Assets, Physical Shares / Investments and Recover them with a single click.

Integrating Innovation in Asset Recovery & Financial Planning.

Don’t know the Status of the long list of Physical Shares and Investments. Looking for a way to Convert Physical shares to Demat Online, Well Worry no more, Just upload your investment details in a picture or list form on the link given below and Our Team will get Back to you within 7 Days, with the current market valuation / Status of Your investment. Absolutely Free. 

We Help You rediscover the true Growth Potential of Your Investments.

We Help You guide Your money in the right Direction. The Direction of Profit.

There is nothing better than watching Your Capital appreciate.

Like the Need of the hour, Every service is Just a single click away.


We Believe In Giving Our Clients a One Stop Solution For all Their Monetary Needs, Be it Investing or Asset Recovery.  At IAFC Financial Services We Believe in Giving Our Clients the best Service Possible.  

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