What We Believe In ?

We at IAFC are committed to creating a venue where each and every person of our wonderful nation can access cost-effective asset recovery services and prudent financial planning. We are dedicated to giving India’s asset recovery and investment management needs a one-stop shop. We at IAFC are committed to serving as a true partner for you. 

Bring a change in the Industry by focusing in ingenuity & Simplicity.

The Sole Purpose of IAFC Financial Services is to Provide quality financial Planning and Asset Recovery Services at Affordable Costs. Our Endeavor is to Impart financial literacy and help People discover the true potential of their Capital. 

Our Services

IAFC offers a wide range of services, which are broken down into the following broad categories. 

Asset Recovery

Investment Advisory

Taxation & Compliances.

NR & NRI's Portal.

iafc financial services

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