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We have helped over 1650 People from all over the Globe to Recover their Investments from various financial Assets. 

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What is Asset Recovery In India ?

Trading of Equity Shares and Financial Instruments Over the Years shifted from Physical Shares to Electronic form through Demat Accounts. Companies Like Reliance, Infosys and Tata Initially issued shares in Physical Form. Share Certificates were given to investors during the IPO. Until 2017, Physical Shares could be traded, but now they must be converted to Demat Form in Order to trade.Converting investments from paper to Demat can be challenging, and assistance is available to expedite the process.The process of transforming physical shares from paper to dematerialized form, retrieving shares from IEPF, and reclaiming trapped funds from various financial assets is referred to as asset recovery.

Our Services in Asset Recovery

Transmission can pose challenges, particularly when a succession or surviving member certificate is needed. Our team of skilled lawyers can facilitate and expedite this process effectively.

Recovering shares from IEPF can be a lengthy and challenging process. Our team of seasoned experts, boasting years of experience, stands ready to assist you in expediting this procedure.

Over the years, individuals often relocate, leading to challenges in managing their investments. At IAFC, we specialize in assisting clients in navigating such transitions and overcoming associated obstacles.

Over the years, it has been a frequent occurrence for proof of investments to become misplaced. At IAFC, we specialize in assisting individuals in recovering lost mutual funds and debentures.

If you have any unclaimed dividend or interest amount pending with any financial Institution. We can Help you recover them. 

Sometimes, Investor face huge losses because of Discontinued & Delisted schemes. We can help you generate a detailed report of the status of your investments. 

If you think you have been duped by your insurance advisor or want to confirm each and every detail of your policy, Contact our experts and get a free consultation. 

If you are facing any issue in claiming any insurance settlement, Our team of lawyers can help you guide the best possible route for redressal.

We are very proud to be serving for more than 8 Years.

Percentage of Investors in India who have some sort of Forgotten Investment.



We Have helped over 1650 People from all over India to recover their Investments From Physical Equity Shares, Mutual Funds, Old Discontinued Mutual Fund Schemes.