When it comes to Investing, there is nothing more popular then investments that give a fixed rate of return on your Investments. At IAFC Financial Services we have experts with over 15 Years of experience in Financial Markets and we have established ourselves as an pioneer when it comes to investing in Fixed Income Securities.

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Invest in All the safe and Guaranteed, Fixed Income Investment Options in India with a Click of a Button via the Links Below.

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One of the safest Investment Options available in India. 100 % Government-backed Instrument with a fixed return of over 7.15 % as on 1st of November, 2020.

SCSS Is a government-backed Saving instrument otion specially formulated for Senior Citizens to get a fixed Income after their Retirement. This scheme is only available for Senior Citizens.

Probably the most Preferred Investment option in India. Fixed Deposits are the go to option for Investors looking forward to getting fixed, assured and safe returns. Rate of Interests range from 3.5 % P.A. To 7 .5 % P.A.

The rate of Interests in Commercial Banks have declined over the years and Company fixed deposits by Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) Have emerged as an alternative to them. Interests range from 5 % to 14 % P.A.

When it comes to Investing in Fixed income securities, Public Provident Fund or PPF Is one of the most Popular Investment Products in India. With a fixed return of 7.10 % as on 1st of November,2020. PPF is one of the best Financial instruments available in India.

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