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India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India has become a hotspot for investors all over the world. Major Corporations from all over the world invest in developing economies and get tremendous returns on their investments. Individuals are not able to fully utilize the benefits of globalization because of limited options and lack of a trusted advisor. At IAFC We intend to correct this. We aspire to be your guiding partner to help you invest in India, one of the safest and fastest growing economies of the world. We at IAFC want to guide you through all the investment options you have in India and how you can effectively generate handsome returns on your investments without taking any risk.

taxation and compliances services for nri's

what we can help you with. ?

registering your business in india

We can Help You Register Your Business in India without any Hassle. Our Expert team of Professionals can help you decide the best for your Business. 

feasibility analysis

We can Help you do a feasibility analysis for the Business You are trying to set up In India. We have written Over 172 + Feasibility analysis report in the last 5 Years for Business all over the world.

Manage taxation

With Experienced Chartered accountants at the top of our Management we can help you effectively manage your Direct & Indirect Taxation requirements in India.

our expertise

quick response

We Believe in providing quick response to our clients, that is why we have a 24 Hour dedicated Help desk for our clients all over the world.


We have the expertise in handling matters related to Double tax avoidance agreements. So far we have handled DTAA Agreements for more than 72 International businesses from 10 different countries.

peer to peer banking

This is a fairly new Concept in India but it is slowly emerging as one of the best fall back options in case of working capital crunch. It has helped numerous businesses in India in the last 2 Years of COVID-19. Do talk to us on our helpline to know about this.

Invest in India.

Invest in India and Discover the Unlimited earning Potential of the fastest growing economy of the world.

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investment options in india for nr & nri's

Fixed Deposits

Earn Fixed and Guaranteed Returns up to 9 % Per Annum. Anyone Can Invest in Fixed Deposits in India. One of the Safest Investment Options in India.

Real Estate

Real estate provides rental income and capital appreciation. The higher appreciation is due to demand for office space and growth of the corporate environment. Our Real Estate Division Provides Opportunities in Areas of Delhi & NCR.

Mutual Funds

Stock market of India has given tremendous returns over the years and the Mutual funds industry has seen a boom in the last decade. Be a part of the growing industry and given the changing financial horizon Mutual fund is one of the must have products in your investment portfolio.

Direct Equity

When it comes to investing in stock markets, People are still skeptical in India. We at IAFC have divisions solely dedicated to providing quality Research calls .Join us to discover the potential of stock markets in the safest way possible.

Secured Bonds

Invest in Secured and Guaranteed Bonds providing a fixed yield of return offered by the Government of India and Other Private Sector NBFC'S.

Insurance Plans

The Insurance Sector in India is booming and You can take tremendous advantage of the attractive offers given by the growing insurance companies in India.