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Our team of professionals works diligently and collaboratively, providing a network of support as you plan for the future. Meet some of our dedicated specialists below.

Rishabh Sharma

Chartered Wealth Manager, PGCFR , B.COM ( Delhi University ), NISM

Rishabh Sharma is an Indian Investor, philanthropist, and the Founder of IAFC Financial Services.He has an
experience of more than 10 Years in the Financial Markets. He founded IAFC Financial Services in the year 2015, with the vision of providing sound and affordable financial planning and asset recovery Services to everyone. In less than a decade in financial markets, his expertise has led people to maximize the potential of their portfolios. He is also the founder of Serve Your Nation, a social platform dedicated towards educating people about various things they can do to help develop our nation and PFM Wallet a fintech startup based in Delhi.



Akshit Gulati

Akshit Gulati is the chief of Operations at IAFC Financial Services. He has been a dedicated Team Member of IAFC Financial Services since 2016. His expertise in leading the troops earned him the title of Chief of Operations at IAFC In 2018. He has experience of more than 6 Years in Financial and securities Markets of India.

Head of Public Relations & Human Resources

Vedant Chaturvedi

Vedant Chaturvedi is the head of Public Relations at IAFC Financial Services. He is an expert in Human resource management and Public relations. With more than 5 Years of experience in the field of Public Relations,Vedant chaturvedi is an expert when it comes to handling clients queries and managing the workforce.



Tarun Prasad  is the Marketing Head in IAFC Financial Services. He has more than 20 Years of Experience of being an entrepreneur.  Founder of Various Entertainment and Travel Companies ,IAFC Financial Services was his first venture in the field of Financial Services. After his Successful term with IAFC, he has joined us full time to expand operations beyond India.

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