Private equity and wealth management are one of the most rapidly evolving sectors in the financial services horizon. Countless investors are inclined towards investing in local businesses to earn a better return on their investors.

Whereas the investors who have generated a handsome return from their investments are moving towards professional wealth managers to effectively manage their money.

AT IAFC Financial services we have a team of dedicated Private equity professionals & wealth managers to effectively manage your money and give you the opportunity to invest in local businesses with unlimited earning potential.

We offer the Following Services in Private equity and wealth management:

1. Portfolio Management – Contact our experts to take a free check up of your investment portfolio and discover the unlimited potential of Your investments. Apply Now


2. Private equity Data Bank – Get a subscription of our Private equity data bank with over 500 Listed businesses from all across the country covering various sectors looking to raise funds. Apply Now



3. Hire a private equity expert – Hire one of our Private equity experts, who will guide you through the ups and downs of investing in a business. Apply Now



4. Financial Modelling and Projections – we have dedicated experts in the field of financial modelling who can help you project your business earnings. Apply Now



5. Retirement Planning – Want to get a fixed income even after your retirement, talk to our experts and generate a handsome monthly income by properly planning out your retirement. Apply Now